Water Heater Expansion Tank

When To Use a Water Heater Expansion Tank

No residence disaster is quite as aggravating as when a hot water heater is leaking. When the storage tank on a water heater springs a leak, it can be a large mess to clean up. For residents that do not have an automatic shutoff on the water heater, it will certainly continuously take water in the storage tank, until the main water pipe entering the tank is switched off. obviously, none of that water can be properly warmed, considering that it’s all leaking out into your basement or laundry room!

What Is a Water Heater Expansion Tank?

Like the majority of elements, water expands when heat is applied. A traditional water heater needs to heat up water a number of times all day, since hot water is usually used a lot in an active household numerous times throughout a 24 hour period of time. It is simple to take for granted the amount of water that is utilized when every person in a family takes a shower, with cooking and cleaning the dishes, and with running the clothes washing machine. Whenever the hot water in the storage tank is diminished, it will be re-filled. That suggests that cold water is introduced and heated up to the pre-set temperature (generally around 120-140 degrees).

The problem, after that, is due to thermal expansion. When the heated water expands, it raises the pressure within the storage tank. Previously, when the pressure in the tank accumulated it would merely push a little of the water back to water pipe and away from the house, thus relieving the extra pressure. Yet this method does not still work every place anymore since a lot of public water mains have check shutoffs that do not enable water to reverse directions. This protects against backflow disasters in within a home, but places extra strain on a water heater’s tank. This is the reason why many towns are for a water heater expansion tank to be used.

A water heater expansion tank is an outside tank that is attached to the water heater. When extra pressure accumulates in the tank of the water heater, the expansion tank enables the pressed water and air to get out,substantially reducing the pressure on the water heater . This action also boosts the overall life-span of the heater as well.

Water heater expansion tanks are necessary for tank setup in numerous areas these days. Some suppliers will void the guarantee on a heater if it is not installed. So check out having a water heater expansion tank installed. It is an excellent safety part to have on any water heater, and one that has excellent life-extending qualities.

Hot Water Heater Expansion Tank

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Water Heater Expansion Tank