Water Heater Repair Signs

In the big picture, it is not too many times in ones life that one will have to have a replacement water heater. Especially, when so many homeowners move within ten years of purchasing a home, it can sometimes be an event that gets put off on a different home owner. With water heating equipment lasting 12 years or longer if properly maintained over its life, the odds are good that one can get away with only a couple replacements. It is easy to forget about a water heater, until it is not offering hot water. The following information should be kept in mind to make sure some maintenance is carried out from time-to-time.

Why Perform Water Heater Maintenance?

It is difficult to know exactly how long ones water heater will last. Some say 8 to 10 years is a good average, though I feel many models of appliances will last longer than that today. There are different facts that determine its life length, like ones water conditions, the mineral density of the water, and if any routine maintenance if performed. The main reason to do some maintenance and not forget about the water heater is so one can save money on energy bills. That should be a large enough motivator!

Inside the water storage tank (if one is using a conventional water heater) mineral deposits will naturally accumulate. This accumulation is probably the biggest factor that makes a water heater operate harder than it needs to, and will need for energy to function properly. The harder it has to work to do its job, the shorter its overall lifespan will be.

The anode rods, located inside the water storage tank, help prevent sediment accumulation, along with the tank rusting. However, doing a small drain of the water storage tank at least once a year is the best way to get rid of the sediment inside. Just a bucket of water drained once or twice a year is good. Take a look at how much sediment is in the bucket after it settles for a few minutes. If the water has a lot of debris in it, one should continue to drain water from the water storage tank until it is clear.

Indicators of Needing a Water Heater Repair

An obvious sign that ones water heater needs some professional attention is if water is leaking close to the unit. This article will look at how to determine if the water is coming from the hot water heater itself. There can be other places close to the heater that can be leaking though. Regularly checking for any signs of moisture around the heater is a good habit to be in.

Are the any strange popping or banging noises from within the water storage tank? These happen too much of the sediment we talked about previously here build ups form on the inside of the storage tank. This article examines these sounds in more detail. A good flush normally alleviates the noises.

If discolored water is coming out of the hot water faucets, it may be originating from inside the water storage tank. If the water is not discolored when the cold water is used, it may point to an issue of rust inside the storage tank. A rusty tank interior is one possibility, but check with a local plumber to make sure. There can be other reasons for the dirty colored water.

If ones water is just not as hot as it should be, or not hot at all, obviously something is not right. Start with reading through this article.

Lastly, one may experience bad odors with just the hot water and not the cold water. It may be an issue with the heater but not always. Check out this article for more information.

With any type of water heater issue, it can be easy to believe that it may be a big concern, but more often than not, it is an easy repair for a professional plumber.

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Water Heater Repair Signs

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